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My friend needs help.

I have a friend who I met through my monday mailbag series a few months back.  His name is Ricardo and he’s a pretty great guy.  He’s been a moderator for me on Twitch, a friend to me and my wife, and just overall a pretty great dude.

This is him:


Ricardo is an american and that means he’s stuck dealing with the american healthcare system. He has currently sent himself to physical therapy, rehab, and its costing him a fortune.  Fortunately he has a form of insurance called ‘medicare’ and they are doing their best to take care of him.

He’s recently hit a roadblock though.  He needs a new wheelchair and the insurance company simply is not going to pay.  He has created an IndieGoGo to try to offset the costs.  Thanks to american healthcare costs he needs about $20,000 for a new chair.  Fuck.

I never throw myself behind a person like this, especially when it comes to fundraising.  Normally I just make a small donation and move on, if I do anything at all.  I’m just afraid of scams and bullshit as you are and I’m always afraid to give to individual campaigns rather than big charities.  But I can promise you I know Ricardo and have for quite some time.  He’s a good guy and worthy of your help.

So here’s what I’m asking from you:
If you know someone who can help him get the chair he needs, please contact him through the indiegogo campaign.  Know someone in the industry?  Know someone who can get them a huge discount?  Know someone working at the company that can get the chair donated to him?  Help him out.

In the event you can’t do that you’re also welcome to make a donation.


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